Take control of your CSS

Say goodbye to the browser-specific properties and hacks cluttering your files and say hello to lean, mean CSS. With eCSStender, when you write the rules, browsers pay attention.

Download eCSStender 1.2 (<20K minified)

Designing with eCSStender

Extensions built with eCSStender greatly simplify the design process because you can author modern CSS using advanced selectors, properties such as border-radius, or custom font faces and rest assured that your design will work... even in IE6. To see what you can use today, browse the extensions. To use the extensions, download eCSStender and include it and your extensions in your site.

Developing with eCSStender

If you are interested in helping patch browser support for CSS or would like to experiment with custom properties or selectors, download your copy of eCSStender and take a look at the example extensions. For more information on the eCSStender API, consult the documentation.